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Car Diffusers

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Discover the advantages of a car diffuser over a regular hanging air freshener. With a wide selection of scents, including high-end cologne and perfume-inspired aromas, car diffusers add a touch of luxury to your commute. Plus, their glass bottles can be recycled, reducing plastic waste. And with a longer lifespan, you'll save money on replacements and enjoy a higher quality product. Don't settle for cheap air fresheners, opt for a car diffuser for a more satisfying experience!

 Nt Wt: 5 g

*more scents and refill bottles will be available soon!


reed diffuser base, fragrance oil

How to Use

To activate your Car Diffuser, follow these simple steps:

1. Unscrew the lid and remove the inner stopper
2. Screw the lid back on carefully and securely, ensuring no fragrance oil can leak out
3. Hold the bottle upside down for 3-5 seconds – this allows the fragrance oil to soak into the wooden lid - use caution as liquid will pour out if held upside down for too long. Several quick turns are better the one long turn.
4. Turn the diffuser the right way up, adjust the string fit your space, and hang where desired (make sure the bottle does not obstruct your view of the road)

Over time, you may notice the aroma weakening, you can invert the bottle again for 2-3 seconds. This will re-soak the wood and refresh the scent.

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image of a clear bottle wiht amber liquid hanging from a car mirror

Customer Reviews

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Angella Cartwright
Love it!

New to using these but they are working great!