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Lip Scrub

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This delightful, sugar-coated lip scrub employs fine castor sugar to buff away dull skin and leave lips smooth and silky. It conditions and softens with apricot oil and shea butter, so your pout is prepped for whatever you fancy - be it your favorite lip product or just rocking the bare look! Plus, it's got a delectable scent thanks to the peppermint essential oil, which also provides a gentle awakening.

Wt: 1 oz

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How to Enjoy:
Scoop a bit of scrub from the jar, massage gently onto lips in a circular motion, then wipe away any excess with a clean tissue or cloth. Marvel at your soft and supple lips!


Sugar, Apricot Oil, Avocado Oil, Stearic Acid, Shea Butter, Peppermint Essential Oil or Flavor, Vitamin E Oil

    orange sorbet lip scrub jars. one laying with the top facing and the others stacked. The top stacked one has the lid off to show the contents. There is a pretty spa bathroom image in the background
    Lip Scrub